About The Author

Zachary T. Francis has a heart and passion for reaching out to all people through the arts.  He wants to help reclaim the arts for Christ by bringing a new type of Christian theater that speaks to all people about who God is and why He came to Earth.  He believes that God is not a far away deity, but one that is up close and personal and wants to be part of each of our lives.  His plays are God-inspired and come with an entire history in themselves, as many amazing stories surface as the process unfolds. A Christmas Testimony was the first play written by Zach to be put into production and was performed in December of 2006 at Buck Creek Christian Church.  However, since this time, Zach has grown deeper in his understanding of God, his craft and technical elements. He felt that this script required to be submitted fully to God and a complete rewrite was done. This production of A Christmas Testimony is the fourth original production done by he and his wife Susannah. Their other script (Grace Beyond Humanity, 2008 & 2009) is currently in the process of being published. 

Zach's creative side is not limited to writing; he has acted for years, is a percussionist for the praise ministry group 1heart with his wife and participates in various other arts ministries.  When not in the midst of creating, Zachary works full-time as a microbiologist in Downtown Indy. He and his wife Susannah faithfully attend Southport Church of the Nazarene in Indianapolis.