Crew Positions

It takes a family for God's impact to reach out even farther than it has in the past.  We have a number of positions available in the crew that require a variety of talents and skills.  Some just require a servant's heart and others utilize unique talents and gifts.  Each are moldable to the person that God provides and open to discussion as to time requirements and the specific duties. If you are interested in any of the below, please contact to discuss them further.

Stage Manager FILLED - The director's right-hand assistant and needs to be a person that can learn along the way.  She/he will attend most practices, assist in communicating with the cast/crew during rehearsals and productions. This person should be administratively gifted, good at multi-tasking and love to serve others.  

Assistant Stage Manager FILLED - This person will directly assist the stage manager in all the items listed above.  They must attend most practices as well and be a "jack of all trades" with a heart of a servant.

Acting Coach - A person that will attend practices several times throughout rehearsals and give critique and direction to cast members as they learn and grow in their roles.  The coach would lead two or more workshop sessions, working directly with the cast on techniques to develop and expand their characters.

Acting Consultants - People that would attend a few practices to give a critique of the characters and the way they are portrayed in the production.  It is someone who has acted and/or lead actors in the past.

Lighting Designer FILLED - A person that would work with the director and lighting director to plan an effective lighting design for the production.  It is a position that would require a thorough analysis of the script to create a harmony between lighting and other aspects of the production.  They would meet during pre-production (August-September) and be available for periodic consultations throughout the time of rehearsals (October-November).

Audio Director - This person would lead the Audio of the production and would run the soundboard during rehearsals and performances in November & early December.  They must have prior experience in using sound equipment and setup.

Audio Assistant - This would be the assistant to the Audio Director listed above.  They also would need to be available during November & December for assisting in running the sound/visual equipment. They must have some computer knowledge.

Set Designer - A creative person that knows how to mix colors and materials to create a desired look and feel on the stage.  They would work alongside the producers and set construction team to design a unique set.  They do not have be knowledgeable with construction as long as they are willing to work closely with the construction team.

Costume and Make-Up Team - People that are willing to assist in creation of the costume and/or make-up design for our characters.  Would meet one-on with cast in one session in mid-November and then attend dress rehearsal and performances in early December.

Set Construction Team - A team of people that are willing to assemble wood and other materials in creating our unique set design.  Not all the members of this team must have have prior experience, but more are able to donate their time.  If you have prior experience and would be interesting leading this team of workers, please contact

Promotional Committee - A team of 4-6 people that are interested in promoting and marketing the production to the community.  Would meet 2-3 times in helping to prepare our marketing campaign and then assist in implementing the plan.

Fundraising Committee - A team that would assist in ideas to raise funds for our production and planning of the Mystery Dinner Fundraiser on October 29th

Prayer Coordinator - A prayer warrior that knows all things are accomplished through the hands of our Lord.  This person would assist in communicating and building up our prayer warrior team of 80+ people.