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"We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. We write this to make our joy complete." 
~ 1 John 1:3-4

At the age of 13, I became a Christian and by the age 15 I had forgotten all about it.  Once I entered college, I was mesmerized by everything that the world held and took a taste of it all.  My life was focused on that next pleasure that would make everything alright again.  During my Junior year of college, things got extremely rough for me.  I was struggling in school, with my relationships and even my health.  Eventually, I admitted defeat and left college without a degree in my hand.  The following years were life-changing, but not necessarily in a good way.  I moved to Cincinnati to live with friends and eventually the world consumed me.  I was drinking, doing drugs and began becoming heavily involved with tarot, runes, astrology and other occult practices.  My life spun out of control.  I had no respect for myself and searched for approval through men and their attraction to my physical exterior.  I believed this is what I deserved.  Coming from a family that struggles with alcoholism, I found quickly that I was no less human than any of my other kin that turned to the bottle to drown their sorrows. 

One night, in a fit of despair, I cried out to my childhood God “HELP ME!” and fell sobbing on the floor.  My prayer was answered, but very slowly and painfully.  I began delving even deeper into my destructive lifestyle and began searching for meaning with the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and others.  During this time, I also decided that I needed to put my childhood God behind me and dismiss all those religious behaviors and symbols, including the Bible.  It was over 10 years ago, but I remember this moment as if it were just yesterday.  I sat down to read the only copy I had in my possession, my mother’s King James Version.  I opened the pages, determined to seek out the truth…that the Bible was false.  I would find all the loose threads that would unravel the tapestry of my childhood faith once and for all.  But that is not what happened…  Instead, I opened the pages and the words seem to literally jump off of the page.  The words flowed into my heart and mind, healing the deep wounds inside.  I read of love, compassion, sacrifice and forgiveness…nothing like what I remember of that God of my childhood.  I always saw God as someone that would smite me at that first impure thought or word, but that is not what came alive on the pages of that old KJV I held in my hands.  It was about someone who wanted to love me, even after all that I had done in my life.  This Jesus came to die for me, so I could have everlasting life.  It was too much for my soiled mind to process.  My life took a dramatic turn…a painful and scary one.

Only a year later, I was back in my home city of Indianapolis, suffering from panic attacks and other health issues.  I lived with my grandmother, who attended my childhood church.  She of course invited me and the healing began.  It was more than a physical healing, it was a spiritual one.  My life began to take on meaning and I committed to change.  I didn’t understand how to do this, but I chose to use the Bible as my personal manual on how to live my life and trusted that it would not steer me wrong.  I read about all those things that God said to remove from life and they went one by one….lying, cussing, sleeping around, surrounding myself with those that hurt me and financial irresponsibility.  And they were replaced with reading the Bible, speaking good words, abstinence, seeking supportive friends and financial security.  The road was not easy, but it was not mine to battle…I simply had to stand firm on my trust in God and let Him do all the work.  He is still working, it is a day-by-day process and I am thankful for every moment of my past; it reminds me of what He saved me from - death.

God is continuing to actively working in my life and ministry is the clear path He has set before me.  God has been amazing in my life and my testimony only fuels my passion for sharing the Gospel with as many as the Lord allows.  I know how much His grace has changed my life and want everyone to know of His love, peace and unconditional forgiveness that come through Jesus Christ. Praise God for all those things that have happened and those that are yet to come!

~ Susannah Francis

Susannah has been called into full-time administrative ministry under the name Kingdom Design, assisting Christian organizations such as Karitos Worship & Arts Conference and Keynote.  She also participates as a lead vocalist in the worship band 1heart, directs/produces with her husband Zachary and is involved throughout the year in various music/drama ministries at her home church, Southport Church of the Nazarene. 

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