Plot and Characters

We all have a story to tell and the choice that Sarah makes to share hers might just make all the difference in her friend Mallory’s life.  It was ten years ago that Sarah’s world radically changed, as did many of those around her.  At that time, Sarah hated God because He allowed cancer to take her Christian mother five years prior. This left her alone to take care of her father George, who suffers with debilitating obsessive-compulsive issues.  To escape the stresses of home, she absorbs herself into the life of her best friend Jennifer, who was one of the few Christians that was tolerable to be around.  However, Jennifer decides to assist her father Sam, the local worship minister, as he prepares that year’s Christmas production and Sarah now finds herself in the midst of all kinds of Christians; such as Jennifer’s judgmental grandmother and Holly, the new ditzy Christian that keeps trying to convert her to Jesus-life.  It already seems a bit too much for Sarah and then Jennifer begins having her dreams. The dreams, though they don’t make sense to Sarah, start causing her anger. Because through these dreams Jennifer realizes that she has to make a tough choice…a choice that would end up changing everyone’s lives forever.  
Powerfully gripping, A Christmas Testimony speaks to the heart of every person to share about who God is in this world and how He works in our lives.  It is filled with real-life experiences, laughable moments and insightful tools for the Christian, while taking an honest look at what Christianity is and what it is not. 

It will help you to understand:
  • What are the paths that Christ leads people through in their discovery of Him?
  • What are effective ways of expressing and sharing our faith without judgment and condemnation?
  • How do we better love our neighbors as ourselves?
  • Where does our responsibility to lead others to Christ begin and end?
  • What is the true meaning of Christmas and its traditions?  

Our personal testimony is a powerful tool that God has equipped each of us with to lead others to Jesus. A Christmas Testimony speaks to unveil the truth and set us on our own path on how God wants us to use our personal testimonies to reach into others lives and bring them to Him.

Our Characters
(Approximate age of character in parenthesis)

Sam Mears (40-50) singing role  FILLED - Worship Minister at the local church that feels such a deep responsibility to his congregation that he often neglects his daughter, Jennifer. He tends to hide his emotions a put on a "happy face" and though he loves God, he doesn't lean onto Him for understanding. When he meets adversity, Sam starts to struggle and realizes quickly that he can't stand on his own.

Grandma Mears (60-70) FILLED - Mother of Sam that is completely "on fire" for Christ.  A little unconventional and outspoken, she seeks to share God with everyone she meets. Her biggest flaw is speaking before she thinks, which often causes her to criticize her son in front others.

Jennifer Mears (13-18) FILLED - Teen daughter of Sam and the close friend of next-door neighbor Sarah Yellman. Jennifer has a sincere heart with a strong desire to follow the Lord.  However, due to feeling neglected by her father, she tends to exaggerate stories to gain the attention of others.

George Yellman (40-50) FILLED - Neighbor of Sam that is indifferent to the Mears' family religion and way of life.  Laughing on the outside, he hides his struggle with OCD from the world. He attempts to gain control of his surroundings wherever he goes, which keeps him at home most of the time.

Sarah Yellman (13-18) FILLED - Teen daughter of George and best friend of Jennifer Mears.  Since her mothers death five years ago, she is very protective of her father and dislikes Christians as a whole.  Jennifer and her father Sam are the first Christians that don't seem to annoy her. Sarah is always on the lookout for hypocrisy, all the while hiding herself behind a mask of sarcasm.  

Holly (20-30) FILLED - A new Christian with a heart of gold but very little common sense. Holly tries to take the fast track in her Christian growth by reading articles on the Internet and watching self-help videos. Although she attempts to get a handle on sharing her faith effectively, she falls on her face quite often.  

Melody (30-40) FILLED Talented and experienced singer/actor that begins visiting the church where Sam ministers.  Quickly we discover that her abilities are numerous while her heart is closed. She loves the spotlight, but feels worthless and incapable on the inside.  As George's girlfriend, she and Sarah often butt heads due to Melody's demanding and bossy nature. 

Mr. Dirks (20+) FILLED Assistant Director helping with Christmas production.  

Barbara (40+) singing role FILLED Member of the choir that has faithfully been serving for over 20 years and is going through a divorce. 

Gina (40+) backup singing role

Cathy (35-45) backup singing role

Mallory (20-45)  FILLED - Friend of Sarah (in current day), who has lost her husband, her house & her job all in the last 6 months.

Older Sarah (20-35)  FILLED - is Sarah Mears (in current day); Strong believer and active member of her church congregation.

Mother (30-40)

Father (40-50) 

Young Girl (8-13)

Clara (70+) FILLED 

Doctor (30+ male or female)

Nurses (20+ male or female)